Apple To Fix in-App Purchase Vulnerability in iOS 6, Provides A Temporary Remedy To Developers

Apple’s constant attempts to close down in-app vulnerability which was being discovered by a Russian hacker that allow you steal content within the application have failed lately. At first, they issued a notice to take down these sites which were responsible for this fraudulent action, but it turned out that they were moved to less accessible locations. However, now Apple has informed developers that they could rectify the vulnerability on a temporary basis through the documentation provided in Apple’s developer portal, reports 9to5Mac

But the loophole would be closed in its upcoming major iOS release. We would call it yet another attempt from Apple to provide private APIs to developer to combat the vulnerability. Unlike the way we had thought that Apple might push another software update after iOS 5.1 to fix this problem. At the end of day, developers suffers the loss of legal purchases through these continuous steals. 

If your application had been a victim of this vulnerability, you might have received an email from Apple, telling you about how to prevent your application from it. On the other hand, if you haven’t received anything yet, consider reading the documentation. Let’s know what do you think about it in comment section.