Russian Hacker Now Allows Free in-App Purchases On Mac OS X As Well

If you had been thinking that the roots of that Russain hacker are restricted to iOS only, you are completely wrong. The hacker has finally found out a way to surpass in-app purchases on Mac OS X as well. It means that all of the applications which you had purchased through Mac App Store are vulnerable to the hack that allows you to steal in-app content, according to TNW.

Though Apple has provided a temporary fix to developers who could implement it in their applications, it seems that they would need to expand it to Mac App Store. The method is not fairly simple, but it’s not even difficult to perform for a user. Once you have installed two local certificate, you would need to point out your computer DNS settings at  Borodin’s server which acts like a Mac App Store. This server includes validation of the in-app purchase.

According to the stats provided by the Russian hacker, the hacker has allowed over 8,460,017 in-application purchases to be bypassed. We hope that it wouldn’t take much time for Apple to rectify the issue since they had permanently fixed it in iOS 6. Perhaps, we might see the same in Mac OS X Mountain Lion which is probably set for the release on 25th July, very next day after the conference call.

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