Pegatron Has Reportedly Begun Production Of Next iPhone

When iPhone 5 is expected to be released in October or August, Apple might have ordered its manufacturing partners to begin the production of next iPhone. One of these manufacturing partner is Pegatron in Shanghai. According to the recent report from Digitimes, Pegatron has received orders for the production of iPhone 5 ahead of its launch this year.

Pegatron might lower down shipments of notebooks sequentially in the third quarter 2012 because the orders of next iPhone 5 are enough to bear the loss of that revenue, says sources. Pegatron is also the second OEM maker for the new iPad, with shipments of about few million units. There had been reports earlier from other sources like BGR that Apple’s next iPhone is in EVT3 stage which is the third engineering test stage. In fact, it has not yet reached to DVT (design verification test) stage.

Talking about the design, Reuters has confirmed that next iPhone would feature a smaller dock and change in position of headphone jack. The iPhone 5 could be thinner, longer and might show some change at the back. In addition to it, mass production of iPad mini would  also begin in September. What do you think? Let’s know in comment section.

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