Reuters: iPhone 5 Would Feature A 19 Pin Dock Connector, Headphone Jack To Be Shifted At The Bottom

These rumors about the change in 30 pin dock connector to 19 pin are there from quite sometime. But now, Reuters have confirmed from their sources that Apple would finally jump the gun and reduce the size of its dock connector. The main aim here is to make space for a headphone jack that would be shifted from the top to bottom.

Since Apple uses 30 pin dock connector in almost all of the iDevices, it would be an opportunity for accessory makers to make cases and other stuff for next iPhone even if it’s released with similar design and a metallic back. Also, there’s a high possibility that Apple could sell a converter from 30 pin to 19 pin or vice versa, something what it currently does with MagSafe adaptors. 

Probably, this converter won’t come up bundled with the box to minimize the cost of iPhone 5. Reuters is a credible source and we pretty much believe that Apple would showcase these changes in an event in October/August.  iPhone 5 is also expected to feature LTE, bigger screen, partially covered metallic back, a quad core processor, etc.

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