iPhone 5 Demand is An All Time High, Would It Be The Next Big Hit From Apple?

According to a survey from ChangeWave, 14% of the customers said that they are very likely to buy iPhone 5 whereas 17% said that they are somewhat likely to buy next generation smartphone from Apple. On the other hand, when these 4000 customers from une were surveyed, 11.5% were very likely to buy iPhone 4S and 10% were somewhat likely to buy it.

Obviously, this is a huge increment in terms of the demand of iPhone 5. Due to the fact that Apple hasn’t yet brought an overhaul in design of iPhone since the release of iPhone 4, people are expecting that  Apple would reinvent the iPhone with iPhone 5. Needless to say, this much hype for a smartphone prior to its launch is enough to make it a big hit in the market. 

Apple has also dropped down prices of iPhone 3GS in various countries such as India to compete with low range Android smartphones. There’s no doubt that Apple would continue to capture the marketshare with the help of iPhone 3GS. Thanks to Apple pushing iOS 6 support to it. Perhaps, an iPhone 4S at $99 after the launch of iPhone 5 could do better than it.

What do you think? Would you buy iPhone 5? Let’s know in comment section.