Would There Be A 30 Pin To New 19 Pin Dock Connector After iPhone 5 Launch?

We had been thinking about it in the morning and mentioned in the same article where we told you about iPhone 5 would feature a new 19 pin dock connector. Undoubtedly, it could be a moment of joy for accessory makers because someone who owns a case for an iPhone 4 could use it for iPhone 4S, but once iPhone 5 is unveiled with 19 pin dock connector, whole of the game would be changed. It would become mandatory for you to buy new accessories.

People were under an impression that their 30 pin dock connector cable would play the same role. However, iMore sources have confirmed that there would be a 30 pin dock connector to new 19 pin dock connector from Apple once iPhone 5 is launched. Though it is not known whether the converter would come pre bundled with the iPhone box or sold separately.

Considering what Apple generally do with Apple products, it might be sold separately. Hence, it would be totally dependent on a user either he or she would want to buy 30 pin to new 19 pin dock connector or settle with the new one only. This could be illustrated from the example of Apple’s MagSafe to MagSafe 2 adaptor which is sold as an additional accessory from Apple for Retina Macbook owners.

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