People Facing Issues While Redeeming Promo Code For Mac OS X Mountain Lion in Mac App Store [Updated]

Just few hours after Apple has seeded Mac OS X Mountain Lion on Mac App Store in the form of an OTA upgrade to download all over the world, there are certain users who are facing issues while redeeming code to claim their free copy of Mac OS X Mountain Lion. These users have claimed the free copy through a from which was made available to them via Apple site.

Once the form is filled with the serial no. of your Mac, Apple sends you a mail with encrypted PDF containing promo code and sends another email with a password. However, when some of the users attempted to enter the same promo code on Mac App Store, they were being thrown with an error which says “the code has already been used. Each code may be used only once”.

This is strange because no one actually used the code before and Apple sent it in an encrypted format. Then what’s wrong here? No one has any idea about it. We hope that Apple is aware of the issue and they would send these users another valid promo code soon.  We are still waiting for any response from Apple support. Are you facing the same issue? Let’s know in the comment section.

Thanks Harmil for the screenshot.

Update: Apple starts re-issuing Promo Codes through email, says 9to5Mac. If you haven’t received yours yet, you should wait for sometime.

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