LiveClock via Cydia is Now Updated To Support iOS 5.1.1, Shows Current Timing in Clock Icon With Animation

Since Apple has launched iPhone, the clock icon shows the same time it originally shipped with. There were many speculations that Apple would tweak the clock to show current animated live clock. But unfortunately, it never happened. However, if you have a JailBroken iDevice, Ryan Petrich has made this a reality through LiveClock tweak via Cydia. It has recently been updated to support iOS 5.1.1.


Installing LiveClock via Cydia makes your live clock on springboard looks like a real time clock. It would show you the current timing, depending upon your country. Also, the second hand in the clock icon would animate and move accordingly. This tweak in a way gives life to your dead clock icon which should be launched every time you want to know timing on  your iDevice.

There’s a nice video made by folks at JBNation. You should definitely check it out if you want to have a glimpse of it before installing it on your iPhone. LiveClock is available for free under Ryan Petrich’s repository – “”. Let’s know about your thoughts on it in comments.

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