Will Apple Launch iPhone 5 Sooner, Just to Please The Stock Markets?

Apple just announced their Q3 results and the numbers has failed to please the Wall Street. While Apple managed to keep the revenues / profits over its own guidance, they aren’t as cool as the expectations built by the analysts community. Apple is the most valued company in the world, so to say that the net worth of their stocks is higher than any other company. More than half of Apple’s revenues / profits are from the iPhone alone.

Apple sold 26 million iPhones in the last quarter contributing 46% of its revenues. However the expectations were 29 million iPhones. That’s 3 million more than the actual numbers. Apple suggested that the relatively low sales of the iPhone was a result of speculations and rumors about the upcoming iPhone 5 (or lets call it the iPhone 6th gen?). Given the fact that next iPhone would be a redesign (going by the trend) and possibly sport a larger screen, I do believe that many would be holding off their iPhone purchase at the moment (including me).

Apple Stocks

Apple stocks took a bit of a beating following the Q3 results and rumors are now suggesting that Apple might release the new iPhone a bit early to make up for the poor numbers. Is that likely? 

Logically thinking Apple announcing an iPhone earlier than its planned release would need a unforeseen scenario. They need to prepare supplies and prepare for the demands months in advance and also align the OS release along with the new device. Is there such a panic situation? I don’t think so. The iPad is doing well, MacBook and Mac OS as well. The iPhone is still growing and yes the next iPhone release is very crucial, but is it something that Apple needs as bad as oxygen? No!

Apple can be to an extend driven by competition and plan something to counter a move by Android, but what we have seen of Jelly Bean and recent Android devices, nothing seems to suggest that Apple should panic and launch a product sooner than its planned date. Expecting them to do so just because the analysts need to be pleased, we don’t think that would happen.

That said, don’t be very surprised if Apple does announced the next iPhone in September and not October. There is a long list of products they need to announce, ranging from new iPods to the iPhone and possible a smaller iPad.