Twitter Blocks Instagram To Access Twitter API, 'Find Friends On Twitter' is No More Working!

Instagram must have surely updated its iOS and Android application to include flicker authentication support, but something unusual has recently happened which was not expected at all. According to Instagram, Twitter has blocked Instagram to access Twitter API, due to which Instagram users who want to search their friends over twitter couldn’t look out for them anymore.

When they try to do so, the error which is thrown in front of them says –  “Unable To Find Friends”. However, you can still post your Instagram’d photos over Twitter from the built-in functionality of the application. Does it mean that Twitter is silently blocking access to some of its Twitter APIs? or is it only because Instagram is now owned by Facebook? Whatever the reasons are, we are still waiting for a statement from Twitter on this matter.

We all know that there are many applications in App Store which are dependent on this crucial Twitter API. If the support is withdrawn, it could affect lots of apps. What do you think? Let’s know in the comment section.