Growl 2 is in Beta, Brings Support For Mac OS X Mountain Lion

If you are not new to Mac OS X, probability is that you would already know about Growl. With the release of Mac OS X Mountain Lion, they have not yet updated the application which shows you alerts in form of banners. Apple has integrated Notification Center in Mountain Lion from iOS. Logically, all those banners or alerts from Growl must be pushed to Notification Center, but this is not happening.

To deal with this issue, developers at Growl have seeded a beta called Growl 2 to selected users. While we don’t know who are these users, we have to live with the fact that Growl 2 would be released very soon. The info has been publicly announced on the official website, according to which the list of features include splitting of action and visual displays, support for Mac OS X 10.8 notifications, integration of Prowl and boxcar, fixation of CPU issue etc.

We are assuming that Growl 2 would arrive in the form of an update from Growl 1.4 and not a single penny would be charged. However, we are not confirmed about it since the site doesn’t say much about it. We will let you know once Growl 2 is released. Stay tuned!

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