iPhone Makes More Margin For Apple Compared To iPad

In Apple’s battle against Samsung, an unsealed court filing has revealed that Apple has more margin in iPhone compared to iPad. According to Reuters, the gross margin in US for iPhone between April 2010 and March 2012 was 49% to 50%. During that time period, it generated $33 billion dollars in revenue for Apple.

Whereas, when the same was compared with the iPad during October 2010 to March 2012, the gross margin on US for iPad was 23% to 32%. And the revenue for the period came out to be $13 billion dollars alone for the iPad sales. This clearly indicates that if Apple sells iPhone more than the iPad, it has the potential to show some tremendous hike in the revenue.

This patent war between Samsung and Apple is set to begin on 30th of July where Apple is seeking for $2.3 billions from Samsung for blatantly ┬ácopying the iPad and iPhone in addition to permanent ban on some of Samsung phones and tablets. What do you think? Let’s know your thoughts in comment section.