iPhone 5 And iPad Mini To Be Unveiled in An Event on September 12?

This is another rumor from a source who had been proven accurate couple of times. According to iMore, Apple is all set to unveil next iPhone in an event on September 21. Though the source is not sure whether there would be an iPad mini as well. But they haven’t denied about it either. Apple’s surely preparing for the launch of a smaller tablet, supposedly 7.85-8 inch which looks exactly similar to 9 inch iPad but smaller in size.

Previously, we have heard rumor that Apple would hold the event in August which is a tad more sooner than later from their last year’s schedule. When Apple unveiled iPhone 4S, they held a separate event in October. However, the case might not be the same for Apple this time because they might need to unveil three new revamped products all together. Apple could also hold another event later for the release of other products. 

Even though we are not sure if this news would turn out to be correct, we would take it as a pinch of salt considering the credibility of these sources. iPhone 5 is expected to have LTE, longer battery, 19 pin dock connecter, 4 inch screen, partially covered metal at the back, change in position of headphone connector, etc.

The date for the launch is rumoured  to be September 21. Let’s know what do you think of it in comments.