Samsung Galaxy S3 Price In India is Now Rs 36000, Threat To iPhone?

At first, when iPhone 4S in India was launched at an outrageous price point of Rs 44,500, people started cribbing about it on various social networking sites. The complete blame for this outrageous pricing went over to carriers like Aircel and Airtel who played a major role in deciding the selling factor. Months later, Samsung Galaxy 3 was announced at an MRP of Rs 43,180 and same thing repeated all over again. Though the reason was the hype in case of latter. However, unlike iPhone, it was expected that the prices of Galaxy S 3 would lower down to an affordable level for consumers in few months. Fortunately, the day has arrived for people who had been looking to buy Galaxy S 3 for Rs 36,000. The price at which Galaxy S 3 is now sold in the market is Rs 36,500 according to

Undoubtedly, Galaxy S3 is a direct competitor of iPhone 4S not only in terms of price point, but also in terms of tech specs. iPhone 4S remains a dual core phone with minimal changes in design from its predecessor whereas Galaxy S 3 comprises of all new design from outside and includes top notch hardware. If we don’t talk about the application ecosystem and the so called ‘open’ platform of Android suits you, Galaxy S III could be one of the safest bet. At least for a year, you would get the continued support from Samsung and the integrated hardware won’t be outdated. 

Barring Galaxy Nexus, if you are not concerned about the software updates, Galaxy S III is a great buy at Rs 36,000. Needless to say, if you are application savvy and would miss plenty of the apps installed on your iPhone, you might need to rethink about your decision again. What do you think? Are these prices enough to attract you towards Samsung’s Galaxy S III? Let’s know in comments section.