iPhone 5 Could Feature 8 Pin Dock Connector, Instead Of Previously Rumored 19 Pin

Previously, you might have heard that Apple is planning to shrink the size of 30 pin dock connector to 19 pin in next generation iPhone or iPod touch. But this report from iLounge has contradicted the previous report and according to their sources, iPhone 5 would feature an 8 pin Magsafe dock connector instead of 19 pin. This 8 pin dock connector would have some special feature, something we see in Magsafe adapters of Macbook which allows it to be attached from either sides.

Until now, we haven’t seen any images of the leaked dock connector parts. However, some of the purported iPhone 5 parts were assembled together to demonstrate the end product. Although we don’t know wether it would be the real deal or just a prototype which was primarily made for other purposes. iLounge has confirmed from two sources and both sources said that the new dock connector would include 8 pins and the nomenclature could differ from we know right now.

In addition to it, Apple might introduce Bluetooth 4.0 functionality in iPod nano which would let you receive iMessages from iPhone to iPod nano, similar to Sony’s smart watch which link itself to Sony smartphone for smarter processing. You might also be able to share iPod voice memos on your iPhone or perhaps, transfer the call from iPhone to iPad.

The rumors are turning out to be pretty much interesting these days. Adding to it, multiple sources have confirmed about an iPhone event on September 12 for the announcement of iPhone 5 and iPad mini. What do you think? let’s know in comments section.

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