Given Its Price, Google Nexus 7 Tablet Would Be A Hit In India

Google finally unveiled its low-cost Android tablet at IO and ever since we are reading wonderful reviews for Google’s first Nexus tablet. At 7″ screen size and a price point that competes with the Kindle Fire, the Nexus 7 has a potentially large market at hand. Until now the tablet market is dominated by two players, the Apple iPad and the whole lot of low cost 7″ tablets from China. With the Nexus 7, the game might well change, specially in India.

Priced at $199, the 8GB Nexus 7 could cost anywhere from Rs 11,500 to Rs 14,000 in India and I am about to argue that it is a very good price. First, it competes with the wide range of tablets which costs +/- INR 2,000 and secondly, it is a MUCH superior product. An iPad isn’t affordable by most people and other 10″ Android offerings are crushed by iPad 2’s reduced pricing already. The market which is left wide open is the 7″ tablet space. Google is rightly targeting it.

Google Nexus 7

The Kindle Fire isn’t in India and given Kindle’s situation in India, that isn’t going to change very soon. A Nexus tablet backed by Google brings the latest Android release along with a hardware made by none other than Asus. As we go into the specifications, things get even more exciting.

The screen is HD at 1280X800 resolution, Nvidia Tegra 3 Quad Core processor supports the GB RAM and internal storage is 8GB / 16GB. That’s a steal at this price. The GPU on the Nexus 7 is rated at 12 cores, thus making full use of powerful games on the Play Store. The Nexus 7 skips 3G, but packs in GPS, WiFi, NFC and Bluetooth. Supporting them is the addition of a gyroscope, accelerometer and a magnetometer.

If Google works with its partners to get this 7″ monster to India, it has the potential to be an instand hit and the best Android tablet on the market. Dear Google, can we please have the Nexus 7?