Apple Had Planned To Make A Curved Glass iPhone, But Technology Didn't Let Them

In Samsung vs Apple trial, many iPhone prototypes have been revealed in Court. Recently, one more reportsuggests that Apple had been planning to make a curved glass iPhone, as per Christopher Stinger’s testimony in the court. Christopher Stringer was one of the person in iPhone team responsible for shaping the design of iPhone. According to him, Apple wanted to make it a reality,  but the cost of the phone and the technology was not liked.

This was before when Gorilla glass came into existence. History to be told, Apple has always chosen the technology which is on uprising and if something is wrong, they generally prefer not to use it. Samsung has an impression that Apple came out with the design of the iPhone after performing certain dropping test which is actually not the case. Christopher Stringer explained that Apple’s iPhone shape was not evolved with the result of drop tests. 

If Apple had used the glass technology in development even after knowing its pros and cons, we might be using an iPhone with curved glass. But then it’s not in the essence of the company to go with these things. What say?