HTC One X Price In India Rs 35,000, How Does It Stack Up Against iPhone / Galaxy S III?

Prior to Samsung Galaxy S3 and after iPhone 4S launch, HTC released their next flagship device called HTC One X. While it gained a lot of traction over the web for being one of the first quad core smartphone launched in India, it is certainly one of the competitor to iPhone 4S and Galaxy S III. Talking about the price point, it has an edge over other smartphones such as Galaxy S III which is being sold at Rs 35,000 at the moment.

If you are not a fond of Apple’s restrictions in iOS and prefer Android for its openness, you have two choices from high range Android smartphones – Galaxy S 3 and HTC One X. Galaxy S III has lately seen a decline in prices and now sold near about Rs 36,000. Both devices runs on a quad core processor. Samsung’s Galaxy SIII uses Samsung’s Exynos processor to make the device efficient whereas HTC One X uses Nvidia Tegra 3.  

Unlike previous other smartphones from Samsung, Galaxy S III has an improved plastic which doesn’t feel like cheap at all. On the other hand, HTC One X is made up of polycarbonate which could be seen in other smartphones such as Nokia Lumia 800. The display in case of Samsung Galaxy S III is Super AMOLED HD which is more crisp and sharp. On the contrary, HTC One X has SLCD 2 embedded in the device for a better experience in day light. 

Depending upon your choice, you could choose from one of them depending upon your preference of customisations over stock Android 4.0. Galaxy S III has TouchWiz 4 for the eye soothing experience whereas HTC One X has HTC sense which has been overhauled completely in comparison to other devices. Apple’s iPhone 4S offers the same typical iOS experience on every device including iPad. 

Which smartphone would you buy for Rs 35-36000? HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy S 3? or Apple’s iPhone 4S for some appy-ness? Let’s know in comment section.

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