iPhone 5 Prototype Surfaced in Bangkok?

Until now, you must have seen this design for next iPhone almost everywhere. Now, the same design has surfaced in Bangkok which is claimed to be the “prototype finalised design casing”, but non functional. These images were posted by Neowin today in the hands of an ex-staff member at MBK Center. However, there could be a possibility this is the not the final design or simply a mock up which they have made based on these ongoing rumors.

The prototype casing shows change in speaker grills, a smaller dock connector, shift in position of headphone jack, and a partially covered metallic back. On the front, there’s a dummy look alike iOS 5 screenshot which is sort of stupid because iPhone 5 would launch with iOS 6 pre-installed and the screenshot has an icon of Google maps instead of Apple’s own mapping solution with Chinese labelling.

Although the credibility of this prototype couldn’t be confirmed, but we would assume that this is how the final design of next iPhone would look like. If it doesn’t not, Apple surely has surprises for us in its rumored September event and they have been successful in misleading the leakers. Let’s know your thoughts about it in comment section.