It’s been known that Apple is least interested in buying big companies, but they have showed interest in certain small group startups in the past. One of the reason why Apple bought companies for 3D mapping and other solution to build their own Maps from scratch. It’s rumored that Apple would buy yet another 20-person New York start-up called Fancy, a rival to Pinterest.

Even though Fancy is not as advanced and popular as Pinterest, but it offers the similar functionality of making lists of the things that interests you. This start-up was founded by Joe Einhorn who had been a co-founder of two of the most popular social networking sites over the web – Twitter and Facebook. Fancy is much farther in linking its users to transaction. As noted by Businessinsider, they take 10 percent for the purchased and when last time they checked, the sales were massive.

Also, according to the site, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook met with Fancy’s CEO Joe Einhorn at the Sun Valley Conference this year. Since Apple’s CEO has also made an account on, there’s a possibility that Apple could plunge and buy it in future. The account is set to private and shows Tim Cook’s name as verified. What do you say? Let’s know in comments.

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