Are These Leaked Images Of Rear Shell Of iPad Mini?

When we have heard from Eddy Cue in Samsung vs Apple trial that Steve Jobs was very much receptive to 7 inch iPad, there’s a probability that those on going rumors from a while could be proved absolutely right. Now,  a Chinese site has leaked images of an iPad which looks a tad smaller in appearance and perhaps, could be the long rumored iPad mini.

From the leaked images, one could tell that there’s no rear camera in iPad mini, similar to what we see in first generation iPad. It seems that to lower down the prices of smaller iPad in under $200, Apple has decided to omit the camera functionality. Also, the images are not clear much, so one can’t exactly tell about the build type. However, it appears that the rear design resembles with the current generation iPad. 

Though we can’t confirm the credibility of these images, we have to live with the fact that these rumors would become more common as the September event approaches nearer. The event is reportedly meant for iPhone, but we could see an iPad mini as well. We can’t say anything at this time. Therefore, our fingers are crossed. Let’s know about your thoughts in comments.