iOS 6 Beta 4 is Released For Developers, YouTube Application is Omitted By Apple

While seeding another iOS 6 Beta from Apple is no surprise, but omiting the native Youtube application from iOS surely is. Apple has reportedly removed from the homscreen with this seed of iOS 6 Beta. Although Apple’s trying to get rid of Google services, due to which they developed their own mapping solution from scratch. It seems this is an another attempt from Cupertino-based company to take the thermonuclear war to next level.

Youtube application is an another Google service that let’s Google to make revenue from the iOS and since it’s installed in almost all of the Apple devices including App TV, Google would be doing a great business. This might be a disappointment for many people out there who had earlier thought that this day would never come in future. However, it’s not confirmed whether Apple has decided to treat the iOS 6 final in the same way or release it with Youtube application.

Perhaps, we might see it in next beta onwards. Till then, if you are a developer, upgrade the iOS 6 Beta via OTA or download from developer portal. Let’s know if you notice any noticeable changes in comment section. We will add them right here. 

Update: Apple has responded and according to them, this is not a temporary change. It would remain as such in iOS 6 final as well.