iOS 6 Would Let You Download Apps On Cellular Data If There's Some Trouble With Wifi

iOS 6 Beta 4 had been seeded to developers few days ago with a news that the native Youtube. app has been removed from now on and would remain as such in the final version which is due to be released in fall. While there are not much of the changes, one noticeable change is that now iOS 6 lets you download apps on cellular data if there’s some issues with Wifi. Previously, this options was not present in iOS 6 Betas.

This is a nice change, considering the fact that sometimes there’s erratic connectivity with Wifi in certain areas and due to which you have to skip the app downloads. In addition to it, there are several other options such as iCloud documents, FaceTime, Passbook updates, Reading List etc. Either you can turn ON the option from the top switch directly to enable everything or you can mauually choose from the available options. 

We hope that this option would survive till the final version of iOS 6. Let’s know your thoughts in comment section about this newly introduced feature. Credit to AppAdvice for the screenshot.