Earlier, we have heard rumors that Apple would reduce the size of iPhone dock from 30 pin to 19 pin. But a report contradicted the same and claimed that instead of 19 pin, next iPhone would feature 9 pin dock connector. It was also assumed that this tremendously shrinked  dock connector could have MagSafe like functionality. Today, Nowehereelse.fr posted a pic of iPhone 5 bottom, claiming that the dock would be surrounded by metal.

Needless to say, as depicted in the pic, when compared to iPhone 4S, this dock is of almost same size as that of the iPhone 4S speaker. In fact, the metal ring that has covered the dock could introduce a new innovative way to connect your iPhone with 9 pins. It could feature the same functionality similar to what we see in MagSafe adaptors for Macbook where accidentally detaching the connector from the Macbook doesn’t cause it to move along.

For some people, 30 pin dock connector have saved their iPhone from falling on the ground. Whereas, for others, this has led them to have more damages. Anyways, next iPhone is expected to have a partially covered metallic back. So we don’t need to worry about the build quality unlike the glass alloy at the back on the back of iPhone 4S. What do you think? Is this a welcome change? Shout out in the comment section.

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