Why The Samsung Galaxy Y Will Always OutSell iPhone In India, Price Matters!

In market like India where  the price of a product matters more than the brand, there are pleothra of smartphones available at below Rs 10,000. Even though iPhone 3GS is now sold for Rs 10,000 from Aircel with Rs 3,000 upfront for data connectivity for a month, we think that smartphones like Galaxy Y from Samsung that offers a decent value to its customers at Rs 7,000 would always outsell iPhone in India.

Galaxy Y is manufactured on the same plasticky build of Samsung smartphones. Although they are improving it in high end devices such as Galaxy S III, it seems that in order to lower down the cost Samsung tend to use the same material. Nevertheless, it is not a bad deal for customers who are looking for a smartphones in under Rs 10,000 budget. Samsung Galaxy Y features Android 2.3.5 (Gingerbread), 830 Mhz of processing capability, 290 MB of available RAM, a rear 2 megapixel camera, micro sd card support etc. 

It’s definitely not on the latest OS from Google. But heck, there are still some high-end smartphone being launched from vendors who have pre-installed Android 2.3 in them. Hence, any customer who isn’t an iPhone enthusiast would definitely consider other options around and this could turn out to be a catchy deal. There are not as many applications for Android as that of iPhone, but those which are available would satisfy your primary needs. 

On the flip side, iPhone 3GS offers similar tech specs but at a higher price in the Indian market. And that too only from one of the carrier in India. The best price of Galaxy Y from Samsung are Rs 6,800, according to Pricebaba. What do you think? would prefer a Galaxy Y over iPhone 3GS? Let’s know in comment section.

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