Is this the iPhone 5 Dock Connector?

The new iPhone 5 rumors are just getting more intense and detailed by the day. A rumor about the larger battery just a few hours back and here we have another leaked image. This time it’s the hotly debated dock connector on which the tech fraternity has not been able to put a definite number.

We have already heard rumors about the 19 pin dock connector and the 9 pin ones as well. But this time a French blog has come up with images depicting a much smaller dock connector, which appears to be an 8 pin one instead of the widely rumored 19 pin or the 9 pin ones. Though we are not entirely surprised as we had earlier reported of the possibility of an 8 pin dock connector as well.

Irrespective of the number of pins on the dock connector, if Apple is indeed reducing the size of the dock connector, which seems to be highly likely, all the existing accessories including chargers, speaker docks, usb cables etc would become incompatible with the latest version.

This would mean that Apple would essentially need to come up with a dock converter accessory which would prevent the existing fleet of accessories from getting obsolete. There was a leak depicting a converter accessory on Apple’s page, authenticity of which could not be verified.

As we are approaching the supposed 12th September launch date for the iPhone 5, we are increasingly getting a fairer picture of the specs and design Apple’s latest iPhone will sport. Some analysts have even went ahead and predicted the sales numbers for the yet to be launched iPhone.

There are also speculations in the market of whether the iPhone 5 will be able to garner as much sales as its closes rival, i.e., Samsung Galaxy SIII and defend its market share from Samsung’s increasing dominance of the smartphone market. We would prefer to wait for the launch of the iPhone 5 before we get into the prediction mode here.

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