Microsoft Surface Rumoured At $199, Priced To Take On iPad Mini?

Even though Microsoft hasn’t yet officially announced price of its upcoming tablet called Surface, there have been rumors that MS has planned to launch it at a competitive price of $199. Undoubtedly, Nexus 7 from Google carries the same price tag in the market. Also, it is rumored that Apple would unveil its smaller tablet this year which would be aimed to capture the 7 inch tablet marketshare.

If the rumour of MS tablet turned out to be true, there’s a possibility that MS strategy to price the tablet at $199 is to take on Apple’s iPad mini. Nevertheless, Windows 8 plays an important role for Microsoft since they have revamped their operating system entirely and introduced ‘Windows 8 UI’ or previously called Metro UI. Perhaps, MS might need to play safely to grow in the tablet market where Apple and Google holds decent percentage of marketshare.

Apple is expected to hold an event on September 12 to unveil next iPhone which could also see the release of an iPad mini. However, with the flow of rumors these days, we are assuming that both iPod touch and smaller iPad would be unveiled in a separate event later this year. What do you think? Would you prefer to buy MS Surface specifically due to its pricing or wait for iPad mini?

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