Would Apple Change The Sim Card Standard Again With Nano-Sim?

Years back when Steve Jobs unveiled iPhone 4 that uses the micro-sim, there had been buzz among the countries where this micro-sim card was still not  a standard. Something similar happened in countries like India where early adopters had to cut down their sim-card to convert them into micro-sim with the help of scissors and other stuff. When most of the carriers are now shifting towards micro-sims due to the majority of smartphone vendors adoptions, it appears that Apple would mutate the standard yet again.

Several sources have leaked images of the nano-sim tray which is supposed to be a part of next generation iPhone. While certain carriers are struggling to provide their customers with micro-sims, they might need to face the issues with nano-sims as well. The sole reason behind Apple to go for nano-sim is basically to get more space inside the smartphone for bigger battery. Since iPhone 5 is expected to feature 4G LTE and 4 inch display, the smartphone needs more juice for the unmatched user experience.

This change could be another challenge for carriers in countries other than USA where micro-sim is still not a standard and customers prefer to finalise their purchases based on it.  We would like to know your thoughts on the same. Let’s know in the comment section.

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