Google Enables Delta Updates For Android Applications, Does App Store Need The Same?

Previously talked in Google I/O 2012, Google has now enabled delta updates for its Android applications. It means that if you had downloaded a really heavy application in size, you don’t need to download all of those massive Megabytes/Gigabytes yet again. Instead, you would be downloading only the additional improvements of the respective applications which would be much lesser in size.


Google has rolled out delta updates for customers on Google Play. On the other hand, Apple hasn’t said anything about it in WWDC 2012 where many features of iOS 6 were showed to developers. However, Apple has enabled the functionality for OTA software updates on iOS 6 and also added support for gear animation while the user downloads the firmware update in

We hope that Apple would implement the same for App Store applications anytime soon. Nevertheless, Apple has included the option to download applications on cellular if Wifi has poor connectivity. It seems that the company might make it easier for people who don’t want to download whole of the application again, merely for the bug fixes. Let’s know about your thoughts in comment section.

Video courtesy – AndroidPolice

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