Google Owned Motorola Sues Apple at ITC

Motorola has went ahead and filed a lawsuit against Apple for infringing on upto seven patents with the International Trade Commission (ITC), even as Apple and Samsung are battling it out in one of the most important battles in tech history.

According to a report by Bloomberg, now Google owned Motorola has claimed that various Apple devices infringe upto seven patents owned by them, which involves location reminders, email notifications, phone / video players and Siri’s voice recognition program.


As per the complaint Motorola seeks a ban on US imports of the iPhone, iPad and even Mac computers. Also none of the seven patents in question are essential standard patents or fall under the FRAND terms.

Motorola also seems to have emailed Bloomberg claiming that they would like to mutually settle the patent issue but Apple doesn’t quite seem to be on the same page leaving them with no choice but to sue Apple in order to defend their “engineers’ innovation”

This is not the first time Google’s Motorola and Apple will be battling it out in the court, infact they have been in courts since the last two years with a Judge ruling in favor of Motorola over a WiFi patent in April this year.

Earlier in March, the ITC upheld a decision which stated that Motorola Mobility does not infringe on Apple’s patent which the latter has already appealed against.

The ITC Commission will take a decision on the latest lawsuit on August 24. And if the ruling is in Google owned Motorola’s favor, the iPhone could be banned in the US markets within a week.

It’s obvious that the lawsuit must have been filed after an approval came from Google. Which interestingly means that this would be the first time Google is on the offensive and filing a lawsuit proactively.