DietBulletin via Cydia Alters Actual Size Of Notification Banners in iOS

Ryan Petrich, one of the most popular hacker in iOS community has again developed a tweak that aims to scale down the size of notification banners in iPhone. How many times have you wondered what if the notification banners would have not occupied the extra space beneath the status bar? or if they have been shown in status bar itself.

Sometimes, while you are navigating inside an application or playing games, you tend to get disturbed and the view disrupt itself while the banner notification is displayed. Nevertheless, it’s the most annoying thing for certain users. Specially when the application are important and you couldn’t afford to get the banners notifications unnoticed.

We think that DietBulletin is a remedy to these problems. Many users have been looking for the same solution from quite sometime and fortunately, someone has eventually developed it. If you want to try it out, Add this repository in Cydia sources: Have you tried it already? Let’s know what do you think about it in comment section.

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