Microsoft is continuously dominating its rivals in PC market. But at one place where it truly lacks is smartphone and tablet market. After the introduction of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft has re-imagined everything and decided to do something different from other players. Hence, the concept of Metro style or Modern Windows style came up to the company which could see its integration in almost every product.

Microsoft would launch Surface in October, its upcoming tablet that’s built on the same concept of ‘Tiles’. Since this a new start for the company from each and every aspect whether it’s Office, Xbox, Surface, WP8 etc, they have decided to revamp the logo of Microsoft after 25 years. The design shows the essence of simplicity where the logo includes four tiles with four different colors.

They have also made a video that tells you about the different colors in the new logo. Needless to say, Windows 8 is an important part for the success of Microsoft. Let’s know what do you think about this new logo from Microsoft in comment section.

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