Apple Issues Notice To Take Down Double Tone iPhone 5 Mod Kit For iPhone 4/4S

Some of the sites have been taking orders of iPhone 5 Mod Kit which could convert your iPhone 4/4S into iPhone 5 look alike based on the rumors. But it seems that Apple has issued a notice to these sites to take down double tone iPhone 5 Mod due to the violation of Apple trademarks. It is rumored that Apple’s next iPhone would feature a partial metal at the back that would make the design double tone and significantly different from iPhone 4/4S.


Many pics of the rumored design have been leaked as well which shows changes in dock connector, position of headphone jack and metal at the back. Undoubtedly, those users who fell for the rumored iPhone 5 design might have ordered this mod already from these sites. Also, folks from these sites have applied it to their devices and made an impressive video of it which makes iPhone 4/4s looks exactly like rumored iPhone 5. 

Though the site is already down. But they are planning to take orders for next 48 hours. So if you haven’t ordered it already, you could go to iPhone5Mod to order one for yourself. You might be lucky if this really turns out to be the design of next iPhone or whatever the next generation iPhone  would be called. 9to5Mac has posted the issued notice to these sites.

Apple’s expected to hold an event on September 12 for next iPhone. Stay tuned!