AllThingsD Points Out Towards Another Event Planned For iPad Mini in October, iPod Nano With Wifi Coming Soon?

When iMore sources have already told us about an event from Apple to be held on September 12, there were rumors that iPad mini could be unveiled alongside as well. However, Gruber gave his deep explanation on why Apple would hold two event for two different products. This explanation turned out to be of some value and the Loop called it correct. And now, AllThingsD sources  are pointing out towards the same two events planned rumours.

 The first event which is expected to be scheduled on September 12 would focus on next generation iPhone. On the other hand, another event that’s supposedly set for October would happen for the refresh of iPod line up and an all new iPad mini or bigger iPod touch. According to Macotakara, the iPod nano would see an addition of Wifi functionality for iTunes music playback from iCloud.

If iPod nano comes with wifi functionality, all you would need is an internet connection and all of your media would be automatically synced from Apple’s cloud based solution. The site also says that the rumored mini dock  connector would see its integration in new iPad which was released by Apple this year itself. Nevertheless, iMore had previously said that Apple would refresh its every iDevice specifically due to mini dock connector.

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