Assembled Front Panel Of iPhone 5 Surfaced Online

All of the internals parts which we had seen earlier regarding the next iPhone were not assembled to show how they would look like from inside. Fortunately, someone at Photobucket (via Macrumors) has posted photos of assembled internal parts of the front panels which indicates that the LCD panel has a metal sheet to support the display and the home button is covered with metal bracket from the back.

 As you might have noticed, the positioning of the front facing camera has been shifted and now it is installed below the sensor, similar to what you see in 4th generation iPod touch. This front facing camera is installed behind the additional shielding unlike the iPhone 4S. It’s also assumed that the next iPhone would feature a 4 inch display and extra row of icons in the iOS 6 firmware to make the use of bigger display. And of course, a larger battery to power the 4G LTE or the bigger display. 

Things would be probably unveiled in the September 12 event where Apple would showcase the changes in next generation iPhone and what differentiate it from the previous generation. iPhone 5 is also expected to go on pre-order from the event day itself followed by the launch day on September 21. We will let you know once next iPhone invite hits media in next few days. What do you think?