AT&T Spokesperson Says There's No Vacation Blackout On September 21

Verizon could have planned for a vacation blackout for the launch of iPhone 5 on September 21, but there’s no clarity wether AT&T would follow the same rule. Initially, this rumor went viral over the web that AT&T had planned a vacation blackout on September 21. Though when 9to5Mac reached to the spokesperson, the person said that there’s no vacation blackout planned from AT&T at the end of September.

Possibly, Apple might want to make its plan secret, due to which they could have instructed AT&T not to reveal any confidential information about these vacation blackouts. However, sources at iMore told that Apple might launch the next iPhone on September 21 could turn out to be true because their earlier report about the September 12 event had been confirmed by many credible sources.

9to5Mac connected with many other stores and these folks said that there’s no country wide vacation blackout planned from AT&T. We might wait for the air to be cleared since there seems to a probability of a USA launch of iPhone 5 on September 21 itself. Do you think the same? Let’s know in comment section.

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