Is There An NFC Sensor Inside iPhone 5? [Photo]

The front panel of iPhone 5 that was assembled to show the internals appear to include an NFC sensor, reports Macotakara. At first, people were unable to speculate about that gap beside iSight camera and flex-cable. But as soon as the things were assembled together in past leaked photos, it became a lot clear that the next iPhone would include an NFC sensor to detect NFC tags automatically.


Apple introduced Passbook in iOS 6 which is set for release this fall and so Apple’s long rumored iPhone 5. Since Passbook is incomplete without an NFC sensor that would sense and add those NFC tags inside your Passbook application. We had been hearing that there were lots of discussions happened between Apple employees either to include mobile payments capability in iOS 6 or let it go due to the complexities. Perhaps, Apple might have found out a proper solution to these issues.

iPhone 5 is expected to be announced on September 12 in an iPhone event followed by launch on September 21. The noticeable features might include partial metal at the back, a bigger display, longer battery, nano-sim, 4G LTE, etc. Let’s know in comment section if you had been waiting desperately for NFC in next iPhone.