iPhone 5 Could Launch in India On November 9, Reports BGR

According to the recent report from BGR.in, iPhone 5 could be launched in India on November 9 which falls close to Diwali in India. Also,  unlike the last time, Apple might not sell next iPhone in India through carriers such as Aircel and Airtel. Instead, iPhone 5 would be sold through other retailers as well. This is an indication towards the fact that similar to previous launch, Apple would launch factory unlocked iPhone 5 in India and not carrier locked.

The BGR.in sources also said that the reason behind Apple pushing the launch in India towards November is due to the absence of nano-sim. Undoubtedly, people who bought iPhone 4 in India from abroad had a hard time cutting their normal sim cards into Micro-sim when iPhone 4 was launched. And this sudden change in the standard of sim cards from micro-sim to nano-sim could again change everything and hence, a challenge for carriers.

This news is not confirmed neither from Apple or any carrier sources, but  considering the source have been proven credible in the past, we could see the next generation iPhone as soon as November in India. Of course, more details would be unveiled soon about the price and availability when Apple inform us about the US price in the event on September 12. What do you think? Would you buy iPhone 5 at any price point in India or buy it from abroad? Let’s know in comment section.

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