NFC Sensor Might Not Arrive in iPhone 5

Yesterday, a rumor suggested that the gap between the iSight camera and the flex-cable could have been left out for the NFC sensor. But the recent analysis from AnandTech today has speculated that it’s very much unlikely that Apple would have made that square thing primarily for the NFC sensor, provided that there’s is a metal sheet around to support the LCD display in next generation iPhone.

After this analysis of AnandTech, The Loop has also claimed that Apple would not integrate an NFC sensor in iPhone 5. Perhaps, not even in next to next generation iPhone due to the complexities of NFC lately. Needless to say, if Apple feels that NFC is on uprising and could be the future of next generation smartphones, they would make it a reality in future. Otherwise, we don’t see a chance anytime soon.

Barring NFC, Apple was one of the companies which completely took off flash support from iPhone since it was launched in 2007. Even after being criticised for the same from the customers or media, they didn’t include it at all. And saw HTLM 5 as the future for web on touch screen devices. Anyways, do you think that Apple should give NFC a shot sometime in few years? Let’s know in comment section.