Wifi Direct From Apple To Drop Requirement Of A Wifi Network For Music PlayBack On Speakers

Previously, Apple had introduced a feature in iOS 5.0 that was called ‘Airplay’. It lets you transfer either video or music from your iDevice to an Apple TV/speakers with the help of a Wifi network. However, with the introduction of iPhone 5, Apple’s expected to take this feature even further and omit the need of Wifi network for the Airplay to be called ‘Wifi Direct’, says Telegraph UK.

Apple might demonstrate the feature in September 12 even where next iPhone would be unveiled. Wifi direct would automatically make its own wifi network to connect with the supported devices. Therefore, you would be able to play music on speakers from your Apple products even in the absence of Wifi coverage.  Perhaps, this move from the company would happen because of the change in dock connector.

The functionality would be directly integrated into the iTunes. So all you would need is to select the speakers from the available options for the music playback. Are you excited about this feature? Let’s know in comment section.