iOS 6 App Store Shows Its First Integration Of Chomp, Changes in Search Results

Apple could have acquired Chomp a while ago, but it didn’t see its integration in iOS 6 beta until now. Well, Apple has surely changed the look and feel of App Store in iOS 6 Beta. Though they hadn’t done much for search results for which Chomp acquisition could be noticeable. Now, when you open App Store in iOS 6 Beta, you could checkout search results in an entire new view.

Unlike App Store in iOS 5, despite of icons, the search results now loads one single application along with icon, screenshot, rating and its name. However, if you want to lookout for other results, all you need to do is to flick left or right with your fingers. With this, the process to discover your apps might become a tad slow, but it definitely shows Chomp implementation inside App Store.

Perhaps, this wouldn’t be a faster approach to discover apps instead of scrolling through icons. In addition to it, Apple has also enabled Genius recommendations, Purchase List, Podcast search in iOS 6 Beta. If you are developer and runs iOS 6 Beta 4 on your iDevice, you could jump on the App Store to observe these improvements. We think that these changes could be temporary and Apple would figure out much better way for the search results.

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Image credit – iClarified