Apple Doubles The Amount Of RAM With iPhone 5

Ever since Apple announced the 6th generation iPhone (which they name 5), speculations are rife on what specifications were untold at the keynote. Apple rarely mentions the type of processor (Dual or Quad) or the processor speed for its iOS products. The only thing we know (officially) about the iPhone 5 processor is the fact that it is an Apple branded component, that is named ‘A6’. That’s it.

However, given Apple revealed the speed boost and performance enhancement on the iPhone 5, some pundits have managed to give out calculated predictions on what to expect from the A6 chip. Apparently Apple isn’t taking the SoC entirely from ARM and building it over ARM A15, instead they have designed their own SoC, putting them in the league of chipmakers like Nvidia and Qualcomm itself.

Apple A6We would learn more about the clock speed of the iPhone 5 in days to come. Reviewers would run all sorts of test and experts would unravel each and every component inside the aluminum and glass housing. For now, it seems one thing is confirmed, Apple has doubled the amount of RAM on the iPhone 5. While maintaining 512MB on the 4 and the 4S, Apple now packs in 1GB of RAM in the iPhone 5.

It is also believed that Samsung still manufacturers the A6 chip for Apple, however the display is supplied by Sharp and other players. How long before NAND flash and CPU moves out of the Korean giants factories?