Two Suggestions If You Don't Like iOS 6 Maps App From Apple

iOS 6 is here along with the iPhone 5 and we are wondering what to make of the launch. The hardware is a worthy upgrade and we have already given it a thumbs up, but iOS 6 is where Apple is being criticized. And heavily in the last two days. The change in iOS 6 that hurts the most is the Maps App from Apple. Google had its time on the iPhone, with iOS 6, out goes the popular Google Maps and Apple brings in its own solution. The problem, it is half baked to say the least.

So if you are one of those who has upgraded to iOS 6 or simply bought a new iPhone 5, what are your options? Well there are precisely two small things you can try to ease the situation. Of course, some lucky ones can explore options to go back to iOS 5.1.1, others continue reading.

 a) Good old browser based Google Maps

Google Maps

The first and very obvious option that you have is to start using Google Maps via the browser. works well on mobile and it is the same data set that you have been used to on the iPhone. Google’s browser based Maps site might not work as smoothly as the native app, but it sure is well featured.

Works well across the globe and even inside the browser it uses the HTML5 location tag to get your GPS co-ordinates on the iPhone. At least back here in India, Google Maps on browser is far more useful than the native app by Apple.

b) Jai Ho Nokia and Bing

Nokia Maps

iOS 6 Maps failure is an opportunity for Espoo and Redmond. Both offer maps that have far more comprehensive data than Apple’s offering. Nokia fans on Twitter have been busy promoting and Microsoft in its media statements is touting the fact that is well optimized for the iPhone.

We tried using Nokia Maps and it does seem like it has a usable mobile version. In fact, Nokia maps also gives audio feedback for directions!

If none of these appeal to you, then the best you can do is wait for Google to push out an official Maps app on the App Store.