60 Percent of iOS Users Update To iOS 6 Within a Month; Android Jelly Bean Adoption Remains Low

Even though people were not entirely happy with some of the new additions with iOS 6, which was launched amidst much fanfare a month ago, the adoption rate for the newest iOS version seems to be growing pretty fast. According to fresh data from advertising and analytics from Chitika, users across Canada and the U.S are pretty cool with the not so popular enhancements to iOS 6. So much so that more than 60 percent of users who were on an earlier version of  iOS have updated to the newest version.

Chitika claims that as of today, iOS 6 dominates the scene in the U.S and Canada and that 61% of iOS users are on the latest version of the platform. In comparison, iOS 5.1 – which dominated the charts not long ago, finds itself in second spot with just 25% of the users on it. as of now.

While these numbers have not officially come from Apple, Chitika is usually considered to be fairly accurate with its data. According to them, their data comes from “a sample of hundreds of millions of mobile ad impressions” that it tracked over its advertising network over the course of the past month.

Back in September, Apple had issued the much touted iOS 6 update with over 200 new features. The major changes in iOS 6 were the introduction of the new iOS Maps application, deep integration with Facebook and a bunch of updates to Siri. The Maps application, which has been developed by Apple was criticized for having lesser features compared to the outgoing Google Maps – which was the default mapping tool on iOS devices until iOS 6 arrived.

Anyway, it seems people are slowly getting used to the new features on iOS 6 and with the iPad Mini expected in the not too distant future, we might as well see the adoption rates of iOS 6 go aove the 70 percent mark very soon.

Incidentally, Google’s latest version of Android – which has been around since June 2012 is still lurking below the 2% mark when it comes to rate of adoption.

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