iPad Owners Unhappy With New iPad Launch Timing

Apart from launching a host of new products the other day at the much awaited event at San Jose, California, Apple surprised everyone by announcing an updated version of the third generation iPad. This was totally unexpected from Apple as the company had launched the retina display laden third generation iPad just a few months ago in March. With Apple deciding to upgrade the iPad in just five odd months, people who bought the third generation iPad weren’t exactly happy to see their “latest” product becoming outdated in just a few months time. Well, its not me who is saying this!

Apple iPad 4 - New - 2012

This apparent obvious segment by existing iPad owners was reflected in a quick survey carried out by Toluna Quick Surveys, according to Mashable. The survey sampled responses from over 2000 Apple consumers – most of them making it clear that they weren’t happy to see a new iPad come out this soon. Delving more in to the data from the survey, over half of the respondents who owned an iPad 3 said that they were disgruntled at Apple for launching the upgraded iPad now. This number shrinked to 45 percent when it came to iPad 2 owners. Even first generation iPad owners were a disgruntled lot with 40 percent daying they are not happy with the timing of the iPad 4 launch. That last bit however  is taking things too far according to us.

These respondents were also vocal in venting theit frustration against Apple for removing Google Maps with iOS 6 and force feeding them the yet to be fully matured iOS Maps.

When asked about the latest iPad Mini however, people were reasonable in favor if buying it with 15 percent of the respondents saying that they will definitely buy the tablet. 32 percent of them said that they will “probably buy it” . A good percentage of the respondents said they would buy the ipad Mini as a gift for their loved ones.

These iPad users were also asked what tablet would they choose from if they were offered the iPad Mini, Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7. And surprisingly the kindle was their first choice with 46 percent of them opting for the Kindle Fire. The numbers for the iPad Mini was 40 percent while the Google Nexus 7 managed to garner interest of just 14 percent of the respondents.

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