Google Nexus 7 Tablet Sales Reach 1 Million Units Per Month

Asus, Google’s Taiwanese partner which helped the software giant create the Google Nexus 7 tablet has revealed that the device is doing pretty well – even in the wake of renewed competition from the likes of the Amazon Kindle fire HD and a bunch of new tablets from other manufacturers. The Chief financial Officer of Asus, David Chang revealed a few interesting facts about the Nexus 7 in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

Google Nexus 7

Google had announced and subsequently released the Android Jelly Bean powered 7-inch tablet earlier this year. It was well received by consumers. However, there were no official figures regarding the number of units that Google/Asus managed to ship to end users. While not officially audited figures, Asus CFO has revealed that sales of the Nexus 7 have been continuously picking up. In fact, in the third month since the launch of the product, the monthly sales figure increased from 500k units a month to 1 million units in the latest month.

What is however pertinent to be noted is the fact that these sales have come before apple released its iPad Mini. The Amazon Kindle Fire launch had also happened later and it would be interesting to see if Google would be able to maintain the same volume in sales once the iPad Mini goes on sale. With the holiday season too in sight, all these companies are betting hard on their newest offerings.

Meanwhile, Asus announced its quarterly results for the third quarter and the company seems to be doing pretty well – beating market expectations. The firm managed to sell 2.3 million tablets in the third quarter – a sharp increase from the figure of just 800,000 in the second quarter. Asus however predicts a slowdown and have projected shioments of 2.6 million units for its tablets range in the fourth quarter.