iPad Mini Goes On Sale In India Via Tradus.com

Folks from over at Tradus.com have started selling the just announced iPad Mini in India. The online retail shop has issued a press release announcing the same. The iPad Mini was announced just a few days ago at an event held at San Jose, California and is slated to go on sale in various countries of the globe starting today. India however is not on the list of countries where the iPad Mini would go on sale officially and it would be some months before we get to see the shrunken iPad in its official avatar here.

Apple iPad Mini

That however doesn’t seem to stop a seller on Tradus.com from selling the device here. The website does ask for 14 – 28 days for delivery. As for the pricing, the base 16 GB version has been priced at Rs. 26,990 while the mid range 32 GB version will cost you Rs. 34,990. The top end variant will set you back by Rs.43,490 – which compares well to the prices of the full fledged iPad.

Incidentally, our sources have also told us that the iPad Mini would soon be available on sale in the grey market in the not too distant future. The grey market prices interestingly compares well with the prices that the seller on Tradus.com is offering the device for.

In other news, the iPad mini has gone on sale across various countries across the globe today with less than enthusiastic crowd response.Tthis is quite unlike the tremendous response to the iPhone 5 whihc went on sale a few weeks ago.

Anyway, would you be interested in getting yourselves an iPad Mini before it launches officially here in India?

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