iPad Mini is Now JailBroken, But FailBreak! [Picture]

According to a recent tweet from MuscleNerd, one of the most active member of DevTeam, they have already JailBroken the iPad mini. However, the JailBreak is FailBreak at the moment. We had previously told you what does the FailBreak actually mean and @planetbeing who’s also a member of DevTeam has achieved it on iPhone 5. But now, it seems that using the same extension of FailBreak, MuscleNerd has been able to JailBreak the iPad mini as well.

As you can see in the picture above, the hacker is successful to reach the root directory of the iPad mini which means that the device is JailBroken. FailBreak is another word for Tethered JailBreak which is extended to other devices using other vulnerable exploits. Yes, you are right. Similar to other Tethered JailBreaks, you would need a third party software to tether boot the device once it’s rebooted accidentally or battery dies. Perhaps, this is an indication towards that fact that we might be able to see an untethered JailBreak in future.

DevTeam clearly said in JailBreakCon that they wouldn’t release a JailBreak for A4+ devices on iOS 6 until Apple releases a software update. Since iOS 6.0.1 has hit the iDevice owners through OTA or iTunes, there’s a possibility that we might get the untethered JailBreak for iOS 6 as well. But the question is, do we have the required exploit to convert this FailBreak into actual JailBreak?

We think, yes! It’s only about time. Let’s wait and see what happens. What do you think?

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