Waze Acquisition By Apple is Not Happening Now or Anytime Soon [Report]

Previously, there has been rumours that Apple’s acquiring Waze, a startup which gives real time data to its users about traffic, congestion and other things. But according to a recent report from TechCrunch, this was indeed a rumour because Apple’s not acquiring Waze now or anytime soon. Undoubtedly, Apple has never thought of acquiring big companies, but they have thought of acquiring hot startups.

Similar to other growing startups, Waze has a large user base and they have been continuously providing data to Apple in its own mapping solution which was being criticised by people and blogs a while ago. Due to which Apple’s CEO Tim Cook had to apologise and inform about the various alternatives available including Waze out there on web or App Store.

As per the site, big and small companies have these type of acquisition all the time, that is, on daily basis which is not happening in the case of Waze. However, this doesn’t mean Apple have never been in talks to acquire Waze once. Infact, they could have earlier talked about the acquisition and it didn’t work out.  Perhaps, Apple might be looking on some other startup which could provide and tremendously improve data in its mapping service in future.

What do you think? What startup Apple should acquire if not Waze? Let’s know in comment section.

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