Saavn Pro Would Allow You To Listen To Music Offline, Coming To iOS Soon

Whenever we talk about listening Bollywood music online on an application, we tend to talk about Saavn as well. Currently, if you want to listen to music on Saavn, you need to have either a Wifi or 3G connection on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Although the quality of the songs which are being streamed is of decent quality, there’s no way for anyone to download them or listen to those songs offline.


In addition to it, if you are someone who travel a lot and your carrier doesn’t provide you with consistent 3G connectivity everywhere, you would probably face serious issues with Saavn application. To solve this issue, folks from Saavn have come up with a subscription based service which they are calling it as ‘Saavn Pro’ to let you download songs from within the cloud and then use them later for offline listening.

After you have opted for Saavn pro, you would also get rid of the annoying Ads which takes unnecessary space, just above the media controls inside the application. You would be able to upgrade from Saavn to Saavn pro at a price of $3.99/month. However, it seems that there would be a 7 days free trial before you make up your decision. You can checkout a nice video on how Saavn would work from their official website.

Would you be upgrading to Saavn Pro? Let’s know in comment section below.

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